About us

Welcome to Kredcor –  a company that specialises in the credit risk management field in South Africa. This page will tell you more about us.

At Kredcor, we perform the following tasks:

  • commercial debt collection
  • credit reports on businesses, potential and current clients
  • credit reports on individuals, by themselves on themselves

You are most welcome to visit our corporate site at kredcor.co.za or make contact with us at:

We can assist you through the whole credit process, where we:

  • do a credit report on your potential clients, and determine the level of credit risk involved with each applicant. Our information is fresh and confirmed, that day
  • verify the details of your existing clients, and determine if their credit risk level has changed in any specific way
  • administrate your accounts, from 30 days outstanding, and upwards
  • collect outstanding debt, from 30 days outstanding, and upwards
  • default list non-paying debtors
  • pursue with legal action against such debtors

Why should you use our business credit reports?

  • our reports are fresh, all info verified on that day
  • we strive to deliver reports within 8 working hours of your request
  • we obtain a bank code
  • we contact the references provided
  • we provide our recommendation with each report, based on our years of experience and knowledge

Why should you use our individual credit reports?

  • we obtain our reports from the top credit bureau in South Africa
  • we strive to deliver reports within 8 working hours of your request
  • our prices are very competitive

Kredcor is registered with the Council for Debt Collectors, as required by South African Law, and we are members of ADRA, the Association of Debt Recovery Agents:

Council for Debt Collectors:

Council for Debt Collectors



Please note that we operate throughout the whole of South Africa. We also assist international companies that want to do business in South Africa, but is wary of the risk involved. Let us investigate your future South African business partners.

So, contact Kredcor today and let us help you to minimise your credit risk, with conclusive credit reports and proper debt collection services.

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